Introducing the 2017 curators

Wirksworth Festival’s 2017 curators shape an exciting line up for this year’s curated exhibition

Detail from Louisa Chambers Ziggurat

We’re delighted to welcome artists and researchers from Nottingham Trent University Louisa Chambers and Dr Emily Strange as this year’s curators for the Wirksworth Festival.

Louisa and Emily will be pulling together a band of fellow artists for the curated exhibition, on show for the first two weekends of the Festival.

Louisa Chambers is a painter and lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. Having studied at the Royal College of Art, Louisa has received much attention of late with her series of work that focuses on a simple folded form, exploring how a folded shape can be transfigured from a temporary structure into a flat two-dimensional space. These works are part of on-going research into depiction and visual perception on two and three-dimensional surfaces.

Fine artist Emily Strange holds a PhD and alongside Louisa, she lectures at NTU. Her work makes reference to impossible structures through drawing, with a special interest in the architecture of failed utopian Modernist projects. Her research explores drawing as a fictional, propositional space that nevertheless alludes to reality through its utility in the service of architectural design.

The curated exhibition brings together a group of diverse artists from around the country whose practices play with themes of domesticity, display and concealment, and architectural space. The works are grouped together under the title Veneer.

Working alongside Louisa and Emily will be artists Craig Fisher, Conor Hereford, Demi Levi, Tessa Lynch, Laura McCafferty, Zoe Mendelson, David Penny, Gabriel Tejada and Ian Whitfield.

Featured image: Detail from Ziggurat by Louisa Chambers, gouache on card, 2017