Andi Dakin

Festival: 2018

I work enthusiastically across a range of media and disciplines. My realisations are colourful and mischievous; they are in many ways extensions of my playful self.

My motivation and ideas come from a range of starting points; they can be led by the process and media, or by inspirational subject matter. When engaging with a theme and making a series of works, I try to be open minded, sustaining an awareness of developmental potentials.

The simple Polyps and Zygotes that are easy to view and be entertained by at The Deep Submarinum in Hull, have been a great recent source of inspiration. Invertebrates are champions of great beauty, with their refined forms and surface qualities of texture and colour, their dance, their secretions, their simple and practical features. Each unique life form is an example of breathtaking design.

My work does not replicate or compete with its inspirational starting points. I merely borrow, process and celebrate. I work with the forces of science and nature to evolve tributes to these simple life forms.

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