Annie Guéron

Festival: 2018

I have practiced as a psychoanalyst in Paris for many years, both in healthcare institutions and as a private practitioner. I have always wanted to retire in the Die area where I have spent many holidays since the age of 15 and for which I have always kept a strong attachment. I spent 7 years living and working in Luc en Diois when my children were young. I have enjoyed drawing for a long time, in a self-taught, passionate, and awkward way, but it’s only in Die that I have encountered sculpture as a practice at Patrick Guideau’s workshop within the association « Diois Expression ». In the last 8 years, sculpting has gradually become my main activity, alongside drawing.

Besides, I have always been tempted to try and create whatever my imagination proposes, among which paper light-fixtures/lamps, floral compositions and embroidery.