Farah Batool

Festival: 2015

I studied multi-media design at university and work full time as an art teacher, for many years I didn’t really know what I wanted to do creatively but felt a nagging drive to make. I got really interested in birds, especially really plain unexciting birds, I love the way feathers overlap and fold creating interesting shapes and patterns along their backs. This is something I wanted to capture in my artwork. I initially started to create using wire, a format I have played with for a long time but didn’t really go anywhere with it, a couple of years ago I translated my ideas into clay and haven’t really looked back. I predominantly create hand rolled ceramic tiles which are finished in glass. I choose to hand roll rather than slip cast as I enjoy the process of making and preparing a quality product. This is most definitely the part of the process that is most painstaking and satisfying for me. I finish all my bird designs in glass as the quality of the finish is more illuminating and vivid than glaze, it’s also more unpredictable and you never quite know how anything will turn out until the very end. I have branched out into jewellery based on lace print, as lace print features on the back of my bird tiles. I also live in Nottingham so the lace industry is really relevant to what I do. I have developed glass and porcelain based jewellery in the form of bird brooch but want to take this further. I intent to keep developing my ideas which are really influenced by nature, I love being outdoors and walking in the peaks of Derbyshire so who knows what I’ll me making in a few years time.

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