Helen Cammiss

Festival: 2019

I create unique ceramic woodland animals such as Hares, who are depicted in a range of poses and who exist in family groups such as ‘The Hazel Tree Hares’. Each has a name and a place on a family tree.

From my own observational drawings I model these in sculpture crank clay which I then bisq fire. Once out of the bisq I apply oxides and re fire them to 1220 degrees cent. This results in a subtle metallic surface colour in warm browns and reds.

I also produce anthropomorphic standing woodland creatures which I clothe in hand knitted fair isle jerkins.

I studied for a degree in the History of Art and then taught Art and Design for 13 years in Secondary Education. I then moved over to the leadership in the Primary sector where I continued to practice my own work when I could. Four years ago I left teaching and became an artist full time, with the last year being devoted exclusively to pottery. I am co-founder of The ClayRooms in Ashbourne, an open access pottery studio where I teach workshops alongside creating my own work.

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