Helga Palasser

What my art is about – Helga Palasser 2016
My artistic work deals with the subject of interculturality. For one thing this is manifested in my book series “Stone Diary” (www.palassart.com) where my artistic cooperation’s with other countries are documented. For another thing intercultural issues affect my artworks directly. The experiences with other cultures influence the outcome in so far that I try to tell stories about another place, another time and other lives in my art language. This very personal perception overlays the real depiction and finds its expression in three-dimensional works and installations as well as in prints, drawings, paintings and videos.
So I may call my artwork translations or more precisely superimposition’s.
The reason why I developed the book series “Stone Diary” was not only to make my art meetings public but to make people think about other cultures to learn about them and to counteract preconceived opinions and stereotypes.