Laurence and Jean-Paul Empi

Festival: 2018

Laurence and Jean-Paul Empi, creative craftspeople, set up their studio “L’Armellier” in Die, in the Drome, France in 2014. The goal of their creative research is to combine wood turning and graphic art through pyro-engraved and painted patterns.

Laurence graduated from the école Estienne (The School of Graphic Art and Industry of Paris) in 1981 and received a professional certificate in soft carving. Inspired by Asian art, she began to study the techniques of sacred Tibetan art in 1999 with a recognized master. Today she teaches this art as well as academic drawing.

Jean-Paul grew up in an artistic environment and discovered a passion for wood turning in 2011, and studied traditional wood turning techniques at the Ecole Escoulen. Always aiming for pure form in order to express the beauty of the wood, Laurence and Jean-Paul create both utilitiarian objects and pure artistic creations.

The concept of their studio is to cultivate the values of traditional work in order to:

Produce products which respect an authentic craft of ancestral tradition, preserve an eco-responsible ethic regarding the use of wood by using regional woods and share their experience and impart their knowledge and values.