Louie Horleston

Festival: 2017

How the funding project started
The idea to produce local wildlife images for donations of any amount of money was born out of the development of local areas being wrongly developed through poor planning decisions by planning committees who had no knowledge of the wildlife that resided in these proposed areas.
Just because large tracts of land may look unkempt, boggy or totally scrub and of little use for human activities does not mean that it is a lost cause for wildlife. The very fact that the land is of little use and therefore reducing daily human visits makes it ideal for a thriving community of many species.
any money raised from the sale of my images will go to help with funding projects like peregrine watch Staffordshire Wild life Trust.
Detailed images of species within their breeding and feeding grounds are essential with GPS tags to build new data registers to refute old data that formed a considerable part of the EIA’s (Environmental Impact Assessment) used by developers to get planning permission where it would not normally be appropriate and ultimately wipe out endangered species in that area. So here I am battling it out with powerful developers who do not care or understand what damage they will and are doing to our endangered species, good quality images with GPS tags stops unruly development, my field craft has been with me for 50 years now all I did is add a camera to it !!!

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