Phoebe McMillan

Festival: 2017

The work featured in this exhibition is divided by four subjects of inspiration: Natural forms, sleep, Structure and Contortion. ‘Natural forms’ focused around the materiality of rocks. From this inspiration, I created interior furnishing items which connoted the patterns I identified in rocks. The furnishings were combined and photographed to create a ‘trend forecast’ style magazine. ‘Structure’ explored the creation of three-dimensional structures in paper and material, particularly through folding. The project was resolved in the creation of two sculptural garments which combined the techniques screen printing, quilting, and paper folding. ‘Contortion’ explored the manipulation of fabric during the Shibori dying process. This was combined with embroidery to create four formal shirts. In ‘Dreams’ I produced a box designed to aid sleep. The box included essentials for sleep, screen printed pattern derived from a sleeping figure.

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