Roger Davies

Festival: 2022

The work I make is predominantly made in metals, it does vary in size depending on what I make and who for, Generally for the garden, some of my work is kinetic or has the affect that the viewer wants to participate with the work.

I have been commissioned to design and make work that fits into the public arena working with schools and other classes to produce work that is influenced by children and people of that community. The outcome of the work is some thing that should fit into the community it gives a sense of belonging and purpose (This is ours and we are here!).

My Influences are from nature and more recently the impact of our over use of resources, I enjoy the movement of creatures and plant life and transform them into my own creations.
I really love the response I get from people when they come to view and interact with my work I guess I have a touch of the narcissistic.

More recently I have become more practical in my approach to work I some times have to justify myself about art and one way is to be a designer rather than an artist (creative person).
Looking to expand into applying art as developing ideas.

Roger W Davies

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