Sara Bor

Festival: 2022

These installations interweave a narrative of remembered childhood homes in northern England, with Covid 19 Lockdown walks from my current home, suggesting an echo of the past perceivable through the veils of the present. The starched fabric accentuates the contours and raw materiality of the geography of the locations. The cotton thread indicates paths and trails, weaving in and out of each landscape, fusing memory. Footpaths overgrown or long forgotten, walking randomly into unknown or forbidden territory, losing one’s way. Is this a metaphor for our thoughts and feelings in these deeply troubling times?
I spent a career as an Animation TV Producer/Director, producing international award-winning children’s animated television series, steeped in storytelling and the macabre, including ‘Wolves, Witches and Giants’ and Bafta nominated ‘Grizzly Tales’. I am a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists and a Trustee of Brisons Veor Charitable Trust in Cornwall.

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