Susie Botting

Festival: 2015

My Portrait work is figurative and loosely based on traditional techniques and methods in order to render a likeness to the sitter. I generally use Charcoal and oil paint but recent work has included clay, printing inks and acrylic These materials have helped me to work differently implying a more abstract image of the sitter which I hope to explore in my work. The Group exhibition is a combination of several artists Portrait work using different media to render an interesting and eclectic variety of artwork of local \’sitters\’. The weekly Portrait sessions I facilitate are for a group of local artists who all work in different medias and styles. Materials people choose range from soft pastels, pens. charcoal watercolours, inks and pencil work. We always work from a \’sitter\’ and gain valuable experience from each others individual styles based on the same subject. The open group has been running for some time and we value discussion about our work and share common interests. The Artists who inspire me at present are Rembrandt and John Singer Sargeant.

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