Thomas Bond

Festival: 2020

Through the creation and study of soundscapes, collecting new sounds, as well as those threatened with existence, I create work in response to place, setting and / or objects.

My work focuses on a deep study, understanding and appreciation of sound and its place in the world.  Documenting important features, noting difference, parallels, and trends.  Reflecting on what sounds we want to preserve, to encourage and to multiply.  A study of the physical properties of sound and how mankind behaves with sound and how sound affects and changes behaviours.

In the creation of slow music, I blend field recordings with original composition to create pieces that evoke a feeling of place and setting.  Music which is about noticing the hidden sounds which surround us all the time in our aural landscape.  Appreciating the joy, simplicity, and beauty behind the immediate.

Other Made in Wirksworth: