Vitor Azevedo

Festival: 2022

Vitor Azevedo Studied Fine Art at the University of Derby. His paintings are inspired by his own personal history, stemming from a background of religious symbolism, family values, a love of the sea and the traditions of Portugal. His desire to create work using strong and expressive colour is central to his practice as a painter.
The works submitted were all created during lockdown and were created intuitively and expressively, based on the human face and the human condition.
We live in a world of self-expression! Face: Gateway of thousand expressions of laughter, joy, compassion, gratitude, love… and sometimes
resentment, anger, pain, loss, fear…it is our unique canvas that we all carry, some for a few years, some for more than that. And it changes as we grow deeper within our own understanding.
Painting a face is a register of a memory, a register of a soul that carries a life of their own. With its uniqueness stamp in this life. Faces are part of building blocks of a family, a community city, a country… World.
The main focus of my art is to carry the History of people that somehow left a footprint as we have crossed paths.
As for you reader let me highlight and share something with you – That we can only see faces but we cannot see hearts!

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