Vivienne Rew

Festival: 2017

I am a botanical watercolour artist and paint detailed realistic watercolours on a large scale that aim to reveal the hidden beauty of plants. My subjects are inspired by things I find on walks or in the garden and I’m drawn to dead and dying plants, there is something beautiful about the imperfections of a fading twisted petal or drying seed heads. Paintings can take up to 3 months to complete as I apply layers of colour to build up vibrant strong images and add fine details with a tiny brush at the end, for this reason I work mainly from photographs and sketches I make from the live plant material as the subjects decay quickly. I’m influenced by artists like Rory McEwen, Susannah Blaxhill and Jess Shepherd who have a contemporary style that manages to combine scientific accuracy and realism with art, making botanical painting a recognised and acknowledged art form that is becoming increasingly popular. In February I was awarded an RHS Silver-Gilt medal for my series of 6 poppies titled Metamorphosis – Lifecyle of Papaver Orientale. I am also a member of Peak District Artisans.

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