Crafting Landscape: An Exploration into Site-Specific Making by Hattie Kerrs

Festival: 2017
Event type: Visual Art

Crafting Landscape is the culmination of site-specific crafts practice, developed during research by Practitioner/Researcher Hattie Kerrs in to the interrelationships between Craftsperson, Landscape and Material, during her Masters by Research at Manchester School of Art. Hattie seeks to establish, by creating knitted garments inter-twined with location through materiality, whether the maker experiences a deepening connection with their local landscape. The enquiry is an auto-anthropological narrative project, in which the craftsperson begins to work site-specifically, identifying how the subjective experience of producing crafted artefacts in this way, can act as a conduit between craftsperson and their landscape.

The exhibition features the collection of knitted artefacts, a film by local film-maker Gavin Repton which documents the narrative of the making processes, alongside photographs, artefacts and artists books; exploring the narrative of the locale.

Private Viewing – 15th September – 18:00 – 21:00


Coach House, Crown Yard

Crafting Landscape: An Exploration into Site-Specific Making

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