Festival: 2017
Event type: Music

The band’s songbook unravels new marriages of music from around the globe. Vocal harmonies of South Africa coalesce with everything from Celtic reels and Brazilian samba to Balkan folk music and beyond. Kabantu throw away the rulebook to bridge countries and cultures, creating an exuberant and joyful sound.
Mixing world, folk, jazz and classical, Kabantu’s compositions don’t meet purist genre definition. Reigniting traditional songs written over the last century, everybody in Kabantu uses their voice to sing, scat and stutter alongside their instruments, which includes percussion, double bass, cello, violin, guitar and banjo. Kabantu, means ‘of the people’, in a hybrid of Sotho and Zulu from South Africa – the birthplace of cellist and vocalist, Abel. Yet it’s cosmopolitan Manchester and the group’s experiences in the city that is their ultimate inspiration for forming Kabantu. They embrace the inclusivity they feel living in the north’s chief city.


The Town Hall


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