Made in Wirksworth by Denis O’Connor

Festival: 2019
Event type: Visual Art

Event dates:

Tuesday 10th September, 2019 - 2pm - 4pm
Wednesday 11th September, 2019 - 2pm - 4pm
Thursday 12th September, 2019 - 2pm - 4pm
Friday 13th September, 2019 - 2pm - 4pm
Saturday 14th September, 2019 - 2pm - 4pm

This Saturday (14th September at 2.30pm) – Meet the Curator Denis O’Connor who will be giving a talk about the exhibition and answering questions about the work.¬† Also chance to meet some of the artists who are exhibiting

Internationally renowned sculptor and Wirksworth resident, Denis O’Connor, provides the curation for this year’s show which brings together a number of artists and designers who both work and live in the town.

Set within The Maltings, the show sets out to critically highlight a range of different practices exploring the crossover between a variety of disciplines and providing an opportunity to view painting, sculpture, print, and photography alongside innovative design work.

Most importantly, the show celebrates the contribution the visual artists have made to the Festival over the past 25 years, acknowledging the rich creatives and diverse range of arts practices within Wirksworth.



The event is suitable for the following age groups:

  • Families
  • 7+
  • 14+
  • 18+
Made in Wirksworth by Denis O’Connor

Ticket Information:

Full Price: £Donations

Ticket Availability:

You can just turn up on the night.