The Kingdom of the Heart by Adverse Camber productions

Festival: 2016
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An adventurous fisherman discovers a pathway into a gleaming, golden land – a land which offers escape from the everyday and all its cares.  But all is not as it seems.  The land has its own enchantment.  A cursed king is trapped by legs of stone and a queen is bewitched by a mysterious serpent prince.  Can they all find a way back to their true selves?  What would you sacrifice, to return to the place and people you love?

Two European folk tales exploring themes of choice, loss and the power of redemption are woven together with atmospheric storytelling and music to create an unforgettable journey through the Kingdom of the Heart.

The Kingdom of the Heart is presented by Adverse Camber, one of the UK’s most celebrated storytelling companies and draws freely on two European folk tales and the music of Bach, Britten and Barchet. It is created and performed by storyteller Katy Cawkwell and cellist Sarah Llewellyn-Jones.

Listen to Katy Cawkwell being interviewed on Radio Ashbourne ahead of the Festival.


Suitable for adults and over 12s.

Audience Feedback

“Katy Cawkwell is spell binding. The music is beautiful also, quite different to normal story accompaniment.”

“I enjoyed the vividness of the images and also the cello playing, the mixture of classical repertoire and improvisation.”

“Excellent storytelling and beautiful music.”


The Town Hall

Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the performance

Children younger that 12 might find the story tricky to follow, there are some adult themes, however nothing offensive within the story.

The performance will last approximately 2 hours

The Kingdom of the Heart
Photo credit: Chris Webb

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