Getting the right image

When applying to exhibit on the Art & Architecture Trail, it is crucial the images you submit work effectively in helping us make a decision on your work. Application decisions are made largely on the strength of what is shown in those images.

Artists are required to submit FOUR good quality images which represent your work – the images need to clearly show the work to be exhibited, are in focus and exposed in such a way that the Selection Panel can clearly see the work.

When you upload images of your work as part of your application, they will be cropped to and appear on our website in a sqare format, so bear that in mind when framing the photograph of your work. Images need to be at least 800 x 800 px and no more that 8MB, however please try and keep your file size to around 1MB. Please change the file name for your images, as explained in the Application Pack, using the following convention: artist Surname artist Initial and Number 1 to 4

As part of the image submission, you will need to provide a caption / name for each work, its dimensions, the media used to create the work and the approximate date it was created.

To help maximise your chances of being chosen, sticking to these few basic rules when photographing your work will make a big difference.

1. Clean and uncluttered

Use a clean, uncluttered background in a neutral colour and make sure that the image is sharp and well lit. If you don’t have decent lighting take the photographs outside, preferably on a cloudy day.

2. Don’t use props

We simply want to see a photograph of your artwork to make our assessment, we don’t want to see any props and your photograph doesn’t need to look like a magazine shoot.

3. Don’t double up

Don’t include the same piece in two separate shots.

4. Keep to the point

The panel wants to see an application that shows a strong sense of unity and commitment to your art form. Applications are often rejected because they contain too large a variety of different types of work.

5. Don’t lose heart

It is obviously a blow if you don’t get in but don’t lose heart – no one gets into every show they apply to. We rotate one member of the visual arts panel each year in order to refresh the way the panel views the submissions, so please do try again next year.

Good luck and thank you for supporting the Wirksworth Festival.